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What Does Actually Do

Many have already heard of the content marketing career but not all know how it actually works. Some would think that this profession only involves creating blog posts all day. Others even say that content marketers basically sit in front of their laptops from sunrise to sunset. And among all these curiosities, the most frequent question that they ask is how these people make money. Well, has a lot to say to answer these questions and enlighten those who don’t have any idea how a millennial survives with SEO.

SEO Strategists


No, not all content marketers are spammers. They don’t just blog or write all day. Truth is there are more important things to understand than these shallow beliefs that many people have in their minds. An excellent search engine optimization company like treats client’s website like its own. As they mentioned on their website “We provide a live demonstration to all of our prospective clients in order to show them exactly the strategies we will be implementing and some of our current impressive case studies.” Meaning, they make every decision cautiously to guarantee results. And before writing any web content, the priority is to do some thorough research and verify facts.

Practical Guidelines to Learn From

SEO experts determine the best angle so that they will know which strategy suits the marketing objectives. Hence, this process includes the following guidelines:

  • Analysis of site structure – while major search engines like Google focus on web design for ultimate user experience, it’s more practical to understand the importance of site engineering. For instance, concentrates on certain factors like robots.txt, site errors, indexed status, site map, page speed, and metal elements. These are the common technical stuff involved in web design.
  • Content analysis – this is the stage where in SEO strategists come in. They come to check the quality of the content and diagnose all issues spotted such as poor ranking content, duplicate content, missing pages, and others. These should be handled to ensure conversion rates. Also, it guides the SEO team in organizing the right plan on how the site will perform in general.
  • Off page analysis – many of the successes in SEO take place off the site, industry blogs, on review websites, online directories, and many more. It’s easier to rank if the site is popular online and has lots of positive reviews from previous customers. However, if not, it’s important to ask for professional assistance and resolve the issues. Link building can be a great idea to keep impressions and site visits.

Optimizing means boosting site and code structure. Sometimes, the site structure and code is in proper place but it may still need some few tweaks to effectively work. This means that the site will be designed to provide easy navigation, cleaner codes, error-free content, quick site map, and internal links. With more advanced tools to implement SEO strategies today, websites are sure to get what they exactly need.

Why Hire Professional SEO Strategists

When it comes to site maintenance, it is not that easy as others say. Creating land pages and putting them live is never a simple process since it requires skills and knowledge. This is why is here to provide practical tips to web owners and internet marketers. Through consistent pursuit to organic traffic as well as quality content, objectives will be met in the best possible way. Professional SEO strategists can:

  • Rewrite content or remove duplicate ones.
  • Put relevant keywords in the page title and get Google ranking.
  • Add the right copy to poor landing pages.
  • Create new landing web pages to attract more visitors to the site.
  • Perform some tweaks like formatting text, adding images, and changing fonts or colors to achieve higher conversion rates.

And with continued analysis, the website can keep up to date with the changing algorithms of search engines.SEO is indeed the ultimate way to increase ranking and marketability online.




Major Strategy Areas that will Work on as an SEO Partner

It may be difficult to choose an SEO company, especially if you are dealing with smaller consultants or agencies and you do not know the latest changes or the best practices in the search engine environment. A lot of people claim that they know how to perform SEO, and although some definitely do, most of them know enough that will make them dangerous. According to, there are important strategy areas that an SEO company should do. If your potential SEO firm presents this to you, chances are that is the right partner for you.

What should an SEO Company Do?

A strong SEO company must engage in three major strategy areas :

1. Website Optimization

On this stage, the SEO company must find out ways to update the pages on your site. The updates may include the following :

a. META descriptions
b. Title tags
c. Header tags (h1, h2, h3 tags)
d. Text
e. Image alt text
f. Internal links

Now, may tell you that you do not need to change some of the elements on your site. This is alright if they contain components of the primary keywords you would want to rank for.

At the start of an SEO job, there must be a more technical assessment of the site. This must provide feedback about the navigation and structure, error pages, duplicate content issues, plan recommendations, and an array of other areas of the website, every one of them should be customized according to your needs.

2. Content Development

This stage of your SEO project can be in different forms, depending on the competencies of your site. To have a good ranking in the search engines, it is important to develop new content for your website. This means that you must have new informational pages, blog posts, or press releases. Any opportunities that your website has, it is crucial for your SEO company to create a strategy on how to make the most of them.seoOff-site is another part of content development. This is in the form of articles, press releases, blogs, and other kinds of content that will be posted to other websites. A huge benefit of these practices is to have links back to your site. If you talk to, they will tell you the type of content they can create for you. You can request for samples of their work as well to ensure that they produce high quality content.

You may also have an approval procedure so that you can evaluate the content before publishing it. Check that the content is true and complies with your brand guidelines. Of course, you do not want any online content that makes false claims or misinterprets your brand.

3. Building Backlinks

This may be the biggest thing that the can do for you, and it is also the part that you have to be most cautious about. Links that are on other blogs or sites that direct back to your site are among the main factors of Google in ranking your site. The amount and quality of links can tell Google the authoritative pages because they are viewed as a sort of voting system. Because of this, SEO professionals spend too much time to get links for their clients.

However, in the last few years, Google created many algorithm changes so they can penalize websites that contain “unnatural” links. For a long time, these “unnatural” links have been used by a lot of SEO companies. This is why it is crucial to know the kinds of link that your SEO partner will get for you and also be familiar with the links that you should avoid.

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