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Factors to Consider When Choosing Golf Grips

For beginner golfers, it can be very difficult to choose the type of grips for their clubs. Well, knowing a grip’s different features may help inexperienced golfers pinpoint a variant that’s perfect for a given scenario. Here are some of the things that golfers should pay attention to when purchasing golf grips.

The grip size is very important when choosing a golf grip. There are actually 4 sizes of golf grips. These are the oversize, midsize, standard size, and the undersize. If your size does not fall from any of the category, customization can be done. Customization involves placing extra layers of tapes when the grips are being installed to the clubs.

Professional golfers would agree that having a golf grip that is not fitted to your grip size can negatively affect your swing. If the grip is too small for you, it will push your hands to do extra movement which may cause pulling of the golf ball. On the other hand, a golf grip that is too big for you may hinder pronation of your wrists and thus, affect the quality of your shot. If you still do not know your actual grip size, there are grip gauges that can help you measure your actual grip. You can also ask help from professional club makers and grip fitters to find out the measurement of your grip.

It is also very important to consider the grip material when choosing a grip. Golf grips that are made of rubber are usually very durable. They also come in various shades and colors. On the other hand, grips that are made of cord are perfect for golfing in humid weather condition. Grips with cord weave provide extra traction that can prevent the hands from slipping when making a swing.

Golf gripsThe texture of the grip is another factor to pay attention to. Grips come in various surface designs and patterns. And these designs are responsible for the smooth or coarse texture of the grip. The important thing to consider when choosing a grip texture is that it should be secured and comfortable. If you are the kind of golfer that does not wear gloves during the game then a grip surface with less patterns is perfect for you. For some golfers, grip surface that is rough or coarse is better than the smoother ones. The rough surface can provide a more stable grip and hand traction.

The firmness of the grip can also affect the player’s swing. There are golf grips that provide a firmer feel and are perfect for golfers that have very high swing speeds. Firmer grips are usually preferred by professional golfers because they can give a higher level of stability during swings.

Also, don’t forget that there are comfort grips. This type of grip can provide a softer feel and is usually perfect for beginner golfers. Comfort grips are for golfers with lower levels of swing speed. These are also tackier than firmer grips. However, they do not provide the same level of stability that firmer grips can give. Although they are softer and more comfortable to grip, golfers may need to exert additional hand pressure during swings.

The weather condition can also help determine which particular golf grip will be perfect for your game. When playing during wet weather, you may need golf grips that are designed with heavy patterns that can provide a coarser texture to the grip. Such kind of grip provides extra traction to the hands. Smoother types of grips that are made from synthetic materials or plastics are not really suited for humid weather conditions.