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Manners with Trading Baseball Pins

baseballpinsIf you are into custom pin trading, chances are, you will be able to meet a lot of other collectors. There will be other collectors of baseball pins who will want to trade their own pins to get a chance to add more to their collection. Those who had just started out will be able to interact as well with those who are already into the hobby for a long time and information can be exchanged. Being able to interact is good, but manners when talking to a fellow trader must still be remembered:

•A fellow collector of baseball pins would usually have their pins worn on their clothes or hats for others to see. This means that they are prepared to get anyone else to trade pins with them. If you see a pin that you are particularly interested in, try to call the person’s attention politely and point out the pin you want. Remember to not touch the pin as a sign of respect.

•Pins for trade must be in pristine order and that they must look clean and undamaged.

•If you are interested in a certain pin but you don’t know of any information about it, feel free to ask a fellow collector.

•As a rule, if you are not sure about the trade with another trader, you may politely call of the trade. You must not force a fellow collector to trade with you if he in turn refuses.

•When trading, you must present a pin that can be of equal value to the pin that you want. The collector that you will be talking to can also look into your collection and see if he may want to get another pin that you own. Once you and the collector that you’re dealing with agree with the pin exchange, a handshake and “thank you” will close the deal.

•When you see two pin traders in a deal, do not interrupt them if you suddenly see that one of them has a pin that you want. Wait until they are done and then you can approach them.

With the use of the Internet, trading baseball pins online is also possible. Message boards can be used to post pictures of the pins that a trader is offering and those that are interested can reply to show their interest. Trading like this mean being able to talk without leaving their home.

Proper online behaviour must be followed when transacting online. Since talking through the Internet will only involve words, it will be hard to interact and give out any emotion, so some manners with the way you type what you want to say must be seen to avoid looking rude online:

•Avoid using all caps when writing online. Using all caps when writing can signify that you are angry or shouting when someone starts reading your letter or online post. Once you send your email or you post your online inquiry, be patient and wait for a reply. You can do a follow-up if there is still no response after a certain amount of time. If you are sent an inquiry, make sure you can respond on time as well.

•If a trade seems shady, look for assistance from other collectors. Also, if the pin to be traded looks too good to be true, check first if the collector is credible.

Being well-mannered when trading baseball pins will help in making other people remember you well. This will also make the trade fun and pleasant for both you and your fellow collector, and they may just contact you and start another trade in the future.