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Different Kinds of Storage Solutions at www.moveablecontainer.com

When you are thinking of renting or purchasing a storage container for either commercial or residential purposes, www.moveablecontainer.com is the ideal company. We are the leading provider of both commercial and residential storage.  We also offer container solutions for construction sites, retail business, hospitals, schools and government institutions. We offer both companies and homeowners various types of containers based on their needs.

We offer portable storage containers, movable storage, temporary storage, mobile office, and cubicle storage containers. The variety of our storage offerings means that there is definitely a solution for everybody. Another great thing about our company is that we cater to all your storage needs all throughout the United States.

What are the benefits of using containers for storage purposes? For one thing, they are cost-effective and practical. Cleverly designed solutions provide optimum space. Many storage solution companies, such as www.moveablecontainer.com, also offer customization based on clients’ needs and preferences.

Portable-Storage-containersVersatility is one major feature of storage containers. Here are the different kinds of storage solutions that we offer here at www.moveablecontainer.com.

1.    Portable Storage Containers

When we talk about versatility, a movable storage facility offers customers a lot of choices from sizes to container configurations. It takes the hassle out of the storage needs of people. The container’s exterior is made up of durable metal.

The side-by-side swing doors are large enough that they can fit any type of equipment or machine, which you want to store inside. The movable storage containers are ISO certified. If customers are not satisfied with the container, they can customize them based on their needs.

A homeowner or business may rent a movable storage facility on-site for a specific lease period. Customers can choose from either short-term or long-term lease.

2.    Movable Storage

Ideal for long-distance moves, we also offer moving containers when you need to move belongings over a great distance. Our movable container service at www.moveablecontainer.com offers a whole lot of convenience for our customers. The process is quite simple. You just need to load the office equipment, supplies or domestic belongings into the movable storage container. Call the company when you are all done and they will pick it up and move it to the storage facility.

We also offer the flexibility of bringing the storage container in any location of your choice. The container is also not under a lot of time pressure. We allow our customers to pack at their own pace, and the movable container can stay at your preferred site as long as necessary.

We can work based on your preferred schedule, so there is no need to rush with loading or unloading materials. It is also easier and safer to move or load items into the container because they are quite close to the ground.

You are also assured that the items inside the movable storage will stay safe and secure amidst the movement of the vehicle. We have special equipment built inside the container to prevent your belongings from moving and shifting.

3.    Mobile Office

Mobile field offices are usually used in construction sites or relocation areas as temporary base of business operations, therefore, it is important that a mobile office is comfortable, durable and protected from such weather elements as heat and cold. The mobile office can be leased for a specified amount of time. There is really no duration on how long the service will last. You can lease it for the short-term or the long-term.

All our containers are securely locked to protect belongings, goods and merchandise stored within. With our highly secure locks, our customers have a hundred percent guarantee that their belongings remain safe. Our containers are also climate-controlled to protect it from weather conditions. They are wind and water resistant, which means that they are safe from the effects of mold, mildew and condensation.

Aside from easy way to load and unload items, they will not disrupt traffic on your street or in your apartment building or parking lot. They are just the right size to be accommodated in standard driveways, building loading areas and parking spaces.

At www.moveablecontainer.com, we are fully committed to customer satisfaction. Our core values of quality service, strong partnership and value for money makes us an excellent choice and keeps our clients coming back. Simply put, we understand our customers.